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I love light. 
I`ve never learned, how to photograph. I just look at someone and then I have an idea of an picture in my mind. Like downloading an image. The target is, to put it on my focus. On this way how I see the people. Using only the available light. I don`t know that much about light, but I can "see" it. Like an DJ which hears the sound of his music. This is how I work. Using a good personal empatic level, breaking up the emotionally shell, so that everyone can show me his pure inner beauty. 


I come from a small idyllic village. My attachment to nature has never stopped me from moving into the big city, to find the most exciting details. My focus is on men's photography, character portraits, fashion spreads and modelsetcards. Sometimes I dare a side-jump, the crackling tension and the light moods of concerts fascinate me because u know - I love light.

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